Where’s the Best Spot for a Thriving Terrarium?

//Where’s the Best Spot for a Thriving Terrarium?

Where’s the Best Spot for a Thriving Terrarium?

When it comes to gardening, sometimes often varying and harsh weather conditions can lower our hopes for a yard full of flourishing plants. A good way to outwit Mother Nature is by experimenting with terrariums. These tiny, enclosed ecosystems are not only easy to maintain and care for, but they are perfect as gifts or décor in your home. So, where’s the best spot for a thriving terrarium? Modern Feng Shui 101 will show you the way!

Terrariums are lot like aquariums, but without the fish … and usually without the water. These little glass homes often house low-maintenance plants like moss and succulents. So be sure to put the right design of terrarium in your house.

You can place a small terrarium inside your room beside the bed table to make a cozy ambiance in your room and try to create a bigger terrarium for your living room or family room to create a vibrant surrounding. It could be also a great decoration which the family and guests will feel peaceful as they are close to nature.

It can also create a breathtaking displays full of lush and thriving miniature plants. Although terrariums do not require a lot of maintenance, there are steps you should take to help ensure your glass-garden stays successful and healthy:

  1. Proper Sunlight

Within your home, place the terrarium in a bright area with lots of indirect lighting. If you see your plants start to brown, they could be getting too much light and should be moved.

  1. Moisture

Besides proper lighting, terrariums need a proper amount of moisture as well. Since they are essentially self-contained ecosystems, thus recycling their own water, you should not have to water very frequently. Sometimes you can go without watering for months at a time. However, when it is time to add extra moisture, use a spoon, eyedropper or a water sprayer to help against over watering. If you see excess water on the sides or bottom of your terrarium, open the container and allow some time for it to dry.

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