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Feng Shui Cures for Modern Lifestyles

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At Feng Shui Accents, we put a modern spin on traditional feng shui. While we utilize common feng shui concepts and cures, by infusing some creativity, your personal space can be easily transformed into an elegant, clutter-free environment allowing zen.  We’ll teach you how to use precious gemstone and crystal jewelry such as moonstone, quartz or citrine to re-energize and align your chakras.. For the busy urbanite, you can now easily bring some green into your home and office with low maintenance glass terrariums.

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Terrariums & Crystal Gemstone Jewelry

Modern Feng Shui 101

What Customers’ Say

I purchased a rose quartz amulet and noticed that I was at once calmer at handling finances at home and running my small business. Best of all, that first week, my boyfriend and I spent an entire week enjoying each other’s company without any conflict. I’m thrilled!
It’s my first time buying gemstone jewelry for mum for Mother’s Day and I’m very pleased, what a nice selection! Cheers to Tricia for helping me find the right moonstone jewelry, I will come back!!!! My mum’s pleased with her gift.