Is Citrine the Wealth Crystal?

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Is Citrine the Wealth Crystal?

Citrine – commonly associated with money, wealth and success, is rare in nature. Most of the citrine you find on the market is actually heat treated amethyst. It is not easy to recognize genuine citrine, but it is relatively easy to see if the so-called citrine is a modified amethyst. The color of this stone should be transparent to opaque yellow and golden brown; it is a shining glass-like stone. In its physical characteristics, citrine is nothing more than a variation of rock crystal wherein we find are some iron impurities that are responsible for the unique coloration. Let’s get to know citrine the wealth crystal.

A genuine citrine is actually of a gentle yellow color, and it is relatively rare.

​Citrine contains a solar quality of energy, this is why it is traditionally considered a good healing crystal for the solar plexus or third chakra issues. It can help strengthen self-esteem and a positive, vibrant flow of energy in and around one’s body. Citrine is also considered helpful in improving digestion and strengthening one’s physical endurance. It is said that citrine brings happiness and optimistic feelings. It will help you establish a link with the Spiritual spheres of your life. It is a symbol of hope, youth, health, and faithfulness.

The yellow color of citrine is sometimes connected with the ability to perform logical thinking and intellectual work. Often this mineral is considered to be among the few crystals that need no special cleansing or purification, owing to its inability of accumulating negative energies. Moreover, citrine is thought to be able to transform all the negativities into positive vibrations and environmental irradiation.

The name citrine is believed to originate from the French word for lemon – obviously due to the similarity in their color. The most abundant source of natural citrines is Brazil, but also USA, Madagascar, and Russia have some supplies. Generally, it is a rare stone.

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