Create your own Terrarium in 8 Easy Steps

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Create your own Terrarium in 8 Easy Steps

Not sure how easy it is to create your own terrarium? Here are eight easy steps to get you started.

Add a little green to your indoor space with an eye-catching terrarium! Not only are they a great oxygen booster, terrariums are easy to create and can be made in a variety of sizes. Change up the container to fit into any décor. Remember that having green plants around is a surefire way to keep away the winter blues, plus plants are certain to help improve your indoor air quality. Terrariums are easy-to-make, low-maintenance gardens, and can last almost indefinitely with minimal water. But in order to remain so they must be placed in an ideal location.

Buy your containers from a thrift store or an antique store, or just scrounge around your house for an old jar. Even simple jelly jars or canning jars can make beautiful terrariums. They can be left open or closed—it’s totally up to you. All other supplies can be bought at your local gardening center. You can also buy it directly from us!

As for the plants, the sky is the limit, but generally speaking look for small plants that you can fit inside your jar and won’t grow too tall. Some plants will have multiple stems so you can break them up even further. To ensure that your terrarium will be successful, keep succulents and cacti together, and keep fern and tropical plants together, because they require different amounts of water and soil. You’ll want cactus soil for the succulents and regular old potting soil for everything else. The rocks are used as a false drainage layer while the activated charcoal helps keep the terrarium healthy, and the moss can be used for decoration and to help soak up and retain water.


  • Container (it could be a table terrarium or hanging terrarium). We have lots of them here!!
  • Terrarium Supplies:
    • Activated charcoal pieces
    • Potting soil
    • Sheet moss
    • Gloves
    • Terrarium plants
    • Gems (optional)
    • Pebbles (optional)
    • Watering can
    • Trowel

Steps in Making a Terrarium

  1. Build the Base

Install approximately 1-2 inches of charcoal at base of container.


  1. Mix It Up

Combine remaining charcoal with soil either by hand or with trowel.


  1. Add the Second Layer

Fill your container one-fourth to one-third full with the charcoal-and-soil mixture. Gently pack the soil every 2 inches to avoid large air pockets.


  1. Add the Plants

Carefully remove your plants from their containers and position them on top of the soil to ensure proper spacing. Allow enough room between the plants for additional soil.


  1. Squash Air Pockets

Use your hands to pack soil in and around plants. Tuck plants deep enough into the soil to cover all plant roots and to keep the plants from reaching too far above the top of the container.


  1. Give Them a Drink

Water plants and place container in a well-lit area with indirect light. Future watering is dependent on the types of plants you have selected and the environment they’re growing in. Test the soil for moisture before pulling out the watering can.


  1. Caring

Maintenance is minimal once the plants are established. As they grow you may want to trim any branches that grow out and over the top of your container.


  1. Put Gems or Pebbles

You can put gems or pebbles to add more designs in you terrarium. It could bring good luck and good environment with your house or office, isn’t it?

Specimen Jar Terrarium 1


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